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Dorothy Jeanius

STEAM Leadership Institute

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Book Dr. Tillman for your conferences, keynotes & fireside chats. Now available for elementary, highschool, and post secondary commencements.


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STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each of STEAM's five subjects share a common approach and focus. The subjects require gathering and using evidence to create knowledge or solve problems. STEAM learning happens naturally everyday as children explore, play, and try new things.

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Milestones & Achievements

The DorothyJeanius STEAM approach to leadership fosters creativity and divergent thinking alongside fundamental disciplines. It motivates and inspires young people to generate new technologies and ideas. With a focus on practice and innovation, students get to learn from inquiry-based assignments.

The goal of the DorothyJeanius STEAM Leadership Institute is to create pathways for more underrepresented groups to enter and succeed in STEAM related fields through exposure and opportunities to lead. Diversity in STEAM industries brings together different perspectives, creates a better experience and generates better results. Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics is a broad educational program that spills over into many industries and technologies, affecting everyday life.

Top 4 benefits of the DorothyJeanius STEAM Leadership Institute on underrepresented youth and young adults:

  • It promotes creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

  • It helps cultivate problem-solving skills.

  • It encourages teamwork and collaboration

  • It encourages tech use



at home STEAM Kits distributed



participants in in person STEAM Camps, workshops, and seminars



of youth and young adults that participate in DorothyJeanius STEAM Leadership Institute pursue degrees in STEAM related fields.


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Took part in a environmental and sustainable Earth-Day initiative

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